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workshops, residencies and seminars

Cultural Odyssey provides a wide variety of residency programs and seminars that are flexible in length, price and age of participants. Each workshop can be geared to the sponsor's specific requirements, from an entertaining format for children to a challenging format for the most demanding of university scholars.

Dismembered Heart: A Theater Workshop for Women (90 minutes)
The workshop will utilize movement, text and text writing, vocalization and dream-gazing inside a safe environment. The workshop hopes to encourage open and exploratory dialogue about issues concerned with women, race and empowerment.

Creating New Performance (Workshop with Idris Ackamoor and Rhodessa Jones)
Creating New Performance is a theater workshop for professional, aspiring and closet performers. The class is an introduction to the performance style and training processes of Cultural Odyssey's Co-Artistic Directors, Rhodessa Jones and Idris Ackamoor. The workshop will utilize sound and movement exercises as the beginning of a creative exploration that includes theater games, memory exercises, autobiographical musings, storytelling and musical rhythm changes. At the end of the workshop participants will perform a five to ten minute mini-performance created during the process.

Creating New Performance has been conducted at Yale University, the Tampa Bay Center for the Performing Arts, the University of Missouri, New York State University at Albany, and for many other colleges and universities.

African American Performance at the Turn of the Century (Lecture/Demonstration with Idris Ackamoor, 60 minutes)
Using video and performance excerpts, this lecture introduces students to the various components and trends in African-American performance art. Idris Ackamoor investigates the elements of African American performance traditions and demonstrates the many ways they have been revised, borrowed and reintegrated by contemporary artists to produce new, visionary work.

This lecture demonstration has been conducted at the University of California at Davis, Tampa Bay Center for the Performing Arts, and at other colleges and cultural centers.

Performance Art! (Residency: 1 Week with Idris Ackamoor and/or Rhodessa Jones)
The Performance Art course is week-long residency that introduces college/university students to the new performance and training process through sound, movement and theater exercises. The course involves lectures, workshops, demonstrations and performances. May be available for course credit.

Creative Survival, Creative Performance (Workshop: 90 Minutes with Rhodessa Jones)
This workshop utilizes autobiographical history as a vehicle for performance. Using movement, text, text-writing, vocalizations, theatre games, memory exercises, autobiographical musings, and storytelling we will create theatre mined from our real-life experiences. This workshop will focus on content rather than what is considered to be "traditional" form. We will examine our relationships, both public (political) and private (personal). This workshop will also examine the use of theatre as a healing tool" in order to begin the process of creating a dialogue where we can begin to examine the conditions which greatly effect our daily lives, i.e. racism, sexism, homophobia, addictions, and fear. Helpful to artists, interested in creating solo or autobiographical work, this workshop is also of interest to teachers, activists, social workers, mentors, and all those engaged in some form of art as social change. If so desired, a solo work in progress will be born. Participants are asked to dress warm, soft, and fluid ready to move.


Size of classes:     Workshop sizes are generally 12-15 students. Classes are gender mixed unless otherwise noted.

Length:     2-3 hours for workshop,    1-1.5 hours for lecture.

Price:     See fee structure

Frequency:     In conjunction with a performance week (Thurs.-Sat. performance) a workshop can be on Monday or Tuesday mornings or afternoons, and/or Friday or Saturday afternoon. Workshops can not be on a technical production day or an opening show day.

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