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OG and the B Boy

"The OG and the B Boy" is a new hip-hop musical that explores the generation gap within the African American community. "OG" is a collaboration between acclaimed musician/tap dancer/actor Idris Ackamoor, and spoken word artists Kamau Bakari. The renowned performance artist Rhodessa Jones is the director.

The initials "OG" stand for "Original Gangster", and the term "B-Boy" refers to a member of the hip-hop generation. The production tells the story of an OG (older street jazz musician) and a B-Boy (embittered, hard gang youth) that meet on the street. After an initial confrontation, they engage in a series of conversations, and through stories, musical numbers, and theatrical scenarios explore the controversy surrounding the gulf between two eras.

Jazz and hip-hop are the musical expression of firmly entrenched generational positions in The OG and the B-Boy. The performance utilizes jazz, tap dance, spoken word, theater and visuals to capture the pain and frustration of two generations seeking their own and each other's place in the world. The piece explores the disconnect between an older generation, with a commitment to traditional values, and the younger one, ruled by cell phones, pagers, fast money and quick sex. The performance addresses and speaks to violence reduction, conflict resolution, and intergenerational understanding.

It is currently estimated that at least 400,000 American youth are currently in gangs nationwide. In addition, one in four victims of violent crimes are between the ages of 12 and 17. Murder is the second-leading cause of death for youths 14 to 17, and the leading cause of death for males in this age group. Finally, children and teens are almost always killed by other young people. Cultural Odyssey's production of, "The OG and the B Boy" addresses these alarming statistics through the theatrical process.

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